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Please contact us with the following information to view book availability.

1. ISBN #
2. Author / Title / Edition

Please let us know what college the book is for as well and how soon you would need it if we don't have it in store.


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Remember you can also RESERVE books by either calling or emailing us!



(2) Different ways to use financial aid:


1)       Write us a personal check.  We will hold that check without cashing it until you receive your financial aid check which is usually two weeks after classes begin.  Once you've received that check simply stop in and either say cash the check or pay with something else.


2)        Have a Drivers License and Credit Card.  We do similar to above by having this on file.  Again once you receive your check for FA simply stop in and we'll take care of the payment.





Discount Textbooks does accept Financial Aid.  We however cannot accept the K card.  What you do for us is write a personal check as if you are going to be paying for the books by check.  We hold the check until you get your Financial Aid deposited in your account (We DO NOT cash this check).  At that time you can stop in or call us letting us know it is ok to cash the check or pay with any other method (cash, card, etc).

Yes we rent the same majority of books that Kirkwood does.

Yes we carry all custom books for Kirkwood.

Yes any book that requires a code will be included with the book as a package.  You may get a used book but will have a brand new access code!

Yes!  We may not have them in stock but can always ship them in from our warehouse.  All's you need to have is an ISBN # or Author/Title/Edition.  Most books can arrive as soon as 3-4 business days.

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