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Please contact us with the following information to receive an estimated price quote (no quotes are exact dollar amounts).

1. ISBN #

We buy everyday! 


Things that may affect overall price of books:

- came with a code and you had to use it

- water damage/pages missing

- supplements such as dvd's / cds / etc

- old edition

- certain custom books




No we can buy books from any college as long as they are still current.

Our buyback system is very strong and competitive.  We generally pay quite a bit more then our competitors due to having 8 companies we deal with.  Whoever is paying the most per book we match that and give you the best deal possible.

Yes we do buy most loose leaf and custom books.  We cannot guarantee we will buy them due to numerous stipulations dealing with loose leaf and custom books. Simply stop in and we'll check them out!

Yes we buy any unused access codes.  Codes must be either wrapped in the plastic still or have the pull tab completely intact.

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